Digitell Live Events Platform :: Webinars and Hybrid Events
Digitell Live Events Platform
Webinars and Hybrid Events

Our Platform

Launched as an extension to our remarkably successful PROLibraries.com, Digitell Live Events Platform seeks to offer our clients the opportunity to better leverage their content, allowing it to be seen by wider audiences and with much more interaction.

Making the most of your sessions requires that your attendees, both real and virtual, can interact. The Digitell Live Events Platform player features integrated questions, polling and text chat, as well as many other modules, to help you and your attendees get the best possible interactive experience.

The Hybrid Events Experts

Be it financial constraints pricing your usual attendees out of your events due to travel costs, or as a way to vastly increase your reach, Hybrid Events represent an ideal mix of real life and online experience to deliver the results you need from your events.

Digitell Live Events Platform Hybrid Events can take your pre-existing real life annual meeting out of the confines of your conference hall and open it up to thousands of new participants from all over the world thanks to our powerful webinar technology.

Key Features

Key features of Digitell Live Events Platform include:
  • Standard support for up to 2000 simultaneous viewers
  • High quality audio and video delivered via Flash and HTML5
  • Integrated text chat with permissions system
  • Integrated polling support
  • Integrated questions & answers features supporting a variety of modes
  • Integration with remote authentication systems
  • Extensive post-event reporting
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