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Public Chat

Engage and excite your community by allowing your attendees to communicate with each other during your sessions, allowing them to share, debate and discuss the content which you provide in real-time.

Public chat is a great way of getting feedback from your attendees, such as asking about their prior knowledge.

Private Chat

Digitell Live Events Platform also includes integrated private group chat, allowing two or more individuals to break out and have a private discussion about your session content, that may not be suitable or relevant to your larger number of attendees.

Examples include attendees who may wish to share contact details, or discuss individual projects they work on as they relate to your session content.

Hosts & Moderator Chat

For sessions with multiple moderators, our interactive player includes in-built hosts chat. Only visible to hosts, moderators and Digitell, Inc. technical support staff, this feature allows easy communication to plan, track and progress your live sessions.