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Live Polling

Query the thoughts and knowledge of your attendees quickly and easily by using our built-in interactive polling features.

Polls can be created before or during a session, and displayed to attendees with the click of a button allowing hosts and moderators to determine exactly when a given poll will be available for attendees to answer - This provides great opportunity for speakers to build polling opportunities directly into their presentations.

Hosts and moderators can see the results of polling as soon as they come in and then chose if they wish to display the results directly to the attendees.


Integration Tips:
For clients and associations who have never used in-session polling before, our platform support team will gladly provide tips and advice on how this feature can be used to best effect.
Hybrid Events Tip:
Do you want to include both real-world and online audiences in your polling? Our on-demand mobile-view will allow your real-world attendees to vote on PROLibraries Live polls as if they were online.
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