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Questions and Answers

Q&A sessions always make a great addition to any live session.

By allowing your attendees to offer feedback or seek additional information from your speakers about their session content you can significantly increase the educational benefit each attendee receives.

Each time a question is submitted by an attendee it is placed into a processing queue visible to all hosts and moderators. Questions may answered in one of the following ways:

Queue the questions until a designated point in your session, where your speakers may answer them vocally.

Respond to the questions directly via text at any point during the session. This is ideal for sessions which include multiple knowledgeable moderators in addition to the speaker.

Hybrid Event Integration

Are you wanting to use Digitell Live Events Platform to stream real-world conferences to an online audience? Don't let your online audience miss out on the opportunity to ask questions. We routinely equip real-world speakers with tablet computers to allow them to see the questions submitted by those watching remotely.

Want to go one step further? Have your real-world attendees submit their questions via Digitell Live Events Platform and collect questions throughout your entire session.
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