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File Sharing

Every Digitell Live Events Platform session has the ability to share a variety of common file types* that your attendees may download at any point during your sessions.

Download logging is enabled as standard, allowing full reporting on who downloaded what.

We also offer optional end-of-session follow-up emails which include links to download session resources up to 7 days after the session has ended.

*Includes PDF, ZIP, MS Office up to 50MB.

In addition to downloadable files, Digitell Live Events Platform also has the option to display hyperlinks, which open in a new window. Ideal for referencing additioanl speaker bios or sites of interest, such as third party sites showing regulatory codes.


Hybrid Event Tips:
When presenters allow, our on-site technical team will, with your agreement, attempt to attain a copy of any hand-outs given to real-world venues and distribute them to your online attendees via resources.

PowerPoint decks are usually distributed in PDF.
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