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Session Statistics

Digitell Live Events Platform understands that metrics and data are important to help you analyze the success of a webinar.

To that end, we collect and store extensive statistics on each attendee such as when they entered, which browser and platform they connected on, the total time they spent in the player, and which features they used.

We also store composite information, such as 60 second snapshots of the total number of viewers (online / total) and have them available in graphical form, both in the player during the session, and in our reporting control panel.

Conference Overviews
In addition to per-session reporting, we can also provide overview reports of entire conferences. For example, we can provide a single report displaying the total number of questions asked across an entire week by each individual attendee.


Helpful Tips:
Our MMC control panel allow representatives of each client to log in and download statistics and reports on-demand.