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Hybrid Events

A Step Forward for Events

example Be it financial constraints pricing your usual attendees out of your events due to travel costs, or as a way to vastly increase your reach, Hybrid Events represent an ideal mix of real life and online experience to deliver the results you need from your events.

Digitell Live Events Platform Hybrid Events can take your pre-existing real life annual meeting out of the confines of your conference hall and open it up to thousands of new participants from all over the world thanks to our powerful webinar technology.

A Hybrid Operation

Extending your event into a hybrid online experience allows you to dramatically increase the reach of your event, and its individual sessions, by streaming out the content of your speakers and their presentations to the internet, but this communication need not be only one way.

Thanks to the Digitell Live Events Platform you can have your online participants interact back with your real life venue with question submissions, live chat and comments.

There are a variety of ways of enabling the online audience to connect back, be it displaying questions and comments on projected screens or televisions, or alternatively having one of our on-site producers act as an intermediary and read out questions from the online audience when prompted.

Trust in our Expert Team

When holding a Digitell Live Events Platform Hybrid Event our expert team of producers and advisors means that you can be sure that your event will be successful.

PROLibraries and Digitell, Inc have been heavily involved in the conference recording business for over 10 years and you can trust our team to work with you every step of the way, from initial idea and promotion, through logistics, through on the day support, and finally post-event statistical feedback.