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Get More From Your Content

Re-using material from your live events adds great economic as well as educational benefits to your association's portfolio - and Digitell is proud to have developed an intuitive and engaging solution to help you get the very best return from your meetings and annual conferences.

With Digitell you can take the very best of your recorded audio and visual content, initially broadcast from live on site, and re-package it into a series of live events - where each one can be attended by your association members over the course of weeks or even months.

How does it work?

Our re-broadcasting service takes what would typically be on-demand content and combines it with a live audience and one or more expert moderators to enable strong communal learning between your membership.

As your original content plays back your association members can engage in group chat, polling and the submission of questions to be answered by your own hand picked experts.

Providing a Genuine Advantage

Statistics have shown that re-broadcasts have the potential to generate up to 10 times the revenue compared to traditional on-demand sales.

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Re-broadcasts are also an excellent way to increase the reach of your initial content, with 50% of all re-broadcast attendees having never attended an event of any kind put on by their association.

By scheduling regular re-broadcasts you can increase the longevity of your content by building up an extensive following over time - ensuring your association members stay connected to you at frequent intervals.

Our Revenue Sharing Model

Digitell, Inc. can provide eligible associations with the potential to run re-broadcast sessions with no risk and no initial start-up fee - all using our unique revenue sharing model.
  • Select the best sessions from your conference.
  • Digitell will re-broadcast those sessions via Digitell Live Events Platform
  • No up-front costs - All revenue is shared 50/50