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Video Broadcasts

A Simple Solution

example If your needs are purely for a method of broadcasting high quality audio and video from a real life venue to online viewers then Digitell Live Events Platform offers a selection of elegant video broadcast solutions.

Our streaming technology stack leverages the power of Windows Media Services and Microsoft Silverlight to deliver video when and where you need it. Video Broadcast solutions are available to embed upon your own website or alternatively may be accessed via one of our themed hosted pages.

Integrate With Your Existing AV Company

If you already have an existing AV company providing your real life venue AV needs then there is no need to worry about having to make additional allocations of valuable space for cameras - We have an excellent record of working with third party AV companies to minimize disruption by sharing data and equipment.

If you do not have an existing AV provider but still wish to broadcast your event or sessions then Digitell Live Events Platform can still be of assistance, with a set of options available leveraging our highly skilled camera operators and technicians.